Who are we?


We provide beginning-to-end services, support, and project delivery to help public and private organizations deliver content management systems to facilitate collaboration and streamline business processes.

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Our Services?


We offer our Enterprise Content Management Implementation team for the full delivery and training to support an end-to-end project life cycle. Our ECM team will plan, initiate and execute the implementation; we conduct configuration and integration of an ECM suite while delivering business and training needs.

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Company Profile


Our client’s success in the new knowledge-driven economy is based on the ability to manage and derive value from their information holdings. BDMK is committed to providing our clients with both the technical and IM expertise in the knowledge and information management field regardless of geographic boundaries. BDMK insures that our clients can meet and exceed their goals.

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Welcome to B.D.M.K. 

Our Team

B.D.M.K. personnel are of the highest calibre and possess experience and technical expertise and training in their chosen field. We are heavily team oriented. With information sharing and co-operation being integral to our corporate philosophy, all members of our team are available to collaborate with all other members of the team at any time, thereby magnifying the breadth of experience and expertise any one consultant possesses.

Enterprise Content Management Consulting Services

B.D.M.K. Consultants Inc. is an Information Management consultancy service firm with a proven record of success in content, document and record management. We recognize the critical importance of exercising total control over your information. Working in fast-paced workplaces today, we can see how imperative it is to manage electronic content in a way that is collaborative, secure and accessible. Accurate and complete information assets form the foundation of successfully managed organizations. Many organizations lose or mismanage valuable files across shared drives. We specialize exclusively in enterprise information management.

Data Migration Services

For our clients already using an ECM system, we conduct data migrations to help align your information resources and advance your technology road map. We have significant experience moving legacy content and conduct data cleansing for various systems including DOCSOpen, SharePoint, eDOCS DM, RM, Content Server, iRIMS and FileNet to name a few. Let us guide your strategic corporate vision and build a solid knowledge base for your future.

Content Server 2010 Portal

CS2010 Demo




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